Salesman Job Vacancies at Nesto Group in Dubai – Apply Now for Exciting Opportunities!


Hey there, job seekers! 🌍 Are you on the hunt for an exciting Salesman job in Dubai? Well, guess what? Your search might just be over! Nesto Group, a leading name in the retail sector, is calling all vibrant and dynamic individuals to join their team. This could be your golden ticket to not just a job, but a career that sparkles brighter than the Dubai skyline! ✨

Available Vacancies : Salesman

Nesto Group is not just any company; they’re a trendsetter in the retail world. And guess what? They’re looking for a Salesman, specifically in the Mobile department. Are you tech-savvy and love interacting with people? Then this could be your calling!

Key Responsibilities

As a Salesman at Nesto Group, you’ll be the face of the brand! Your role involves:

  • Engaging with customers and providing top-notch service.
  • Understanding customer needs and recommending the best mobile products.
  • Keeping up with the latest mobile trends – because who doesn’t love a bit of tech talk? 📱

Required Qualifications

  • Passion for sales and customer service.
  • Good knowledge of mobile devices and tech trends.
  • Strong communication skills – because talking is your superpower!

Staff Benefits

Working at Nesto Group is more than just a job; it’s a lifestyle! You’ll enjoy:

  • Competitive salaries 💰
  • Health insurance for peace of mind 🏥
  • A dynamic work environment that’s as lively as Dubai itself.

Required Documents

Before you hit ‘send’ on your application, make sure you have:

  • An updated CV – let your experience shine! 🌟
  • Relevant educational and professional certificates.
  • A cover letter that shows your enthusiasm (optional, but highly recommended!).

How to Apply

Ready to leap into this exciting opportunity? Send your CV to Remember, first impressions count, so make your application as shiny as the Dubai sun! ☀️



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About Nesto Group

Nesto Group is not just another company in Dubai; it’s a realm where careers are nurtured, and dreams come true. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Nesto Group has carved a niche for itself in the competitive Dubai market.


  1. What type of salesman job is available?
    • Currently, Nesto Group is hiring Salesmen in the Mobile department.
  2. Do I need specific qualifications?
    • A passion for sales and good knowledge of mobile devices is key. Formal qualifications can be a plus!
  3. Are there any staff benefits?
    • Absolutely! Competitive salaries, health insurance, and a dynamic work environment are part of the package.
  4. How can I apply?
  5. Is experience in sales required?
    • Experience is always a plus, but enthusiasm and willingness to learn are just as important.
  6. What makes Nesto Group a good employer?
    • Their commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and employee growth makes them stand out.


So, there you have it! A fantastic opportunity to become a Salesman at Nesto Group in Dubai. Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or just starting, this could be the start of something amazing. Don’t wait – grab this opportunity and let your career soar like the majestic Burj Khalifa! 🚀

Remember, life’s too short for boring jobs. Apply now, and let’s make work fun again! 🎉

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