Royal Swiss Auto Services Walk in interview in Saudi Arabia 2024


Hey there, job seekers! Are you ready to shift gears and accelerate into your career path like you own it? Well, buckle up, because Royal Swiss Auto Services is rolling out the red carpet in Riyadh for its much-anticipated Walk in Interview event. If you’ve been revving up to dive into the Jobs in Saudi Arabia, particularly the urgent ones that scream “We need you now!”, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re a local talent or a globetrotter eyeing Saudi Jobs 2024, this is your pit stop to success. So, let’s kickstart this journey with a bit of wit and wisdom (and maybe a few car puns 🚗💨).

Royal Swiss Auto Services Walk in Interview in Saudi Arabia 2024

Date: March 8th & 9th, 2024
Location: Al Faisaliyah District, Riyadh City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Royal Swiss Auto Services in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is not just any pit stop. They’re on the lookout for the crème de la crème of automotive passionates, and they’ve flung open their garage doors for you. With a variety of positions from Technicians to EV Specialists, and even Videographers (because who wouldn’t want to capture the beauty of a well-oiled machine?), the opportunities are as varied as the car models we adore.

Available Vacancies

  • Technician
  • Team Leader
  • Reception Supervisor
  • Videographer
  • Account Executive
  • Spare Parts Advisor
  • Detail Polisher
  • Wheel Alignment Technician
  • Denter & Car Painter
  • EV Technician
  • Diagnostic Technician
  • Tinting/PPT

Required Qualifications

Worried about not making the cut? Don’t be! Royal Swiss Auto Services values passion, precision, and a touch of panache. While specific roles require specific skills, a general love for autos and a drive to excel are your golden tickets.


Ah, the backbone of any auto repair shop – the Technician. This role isn’t just about getting your hands dirty; it’s about having the magical ability to listen to a car’s hums and haws and understand exactly what it needs. Qualifications include an undeniable love for grease, a diploma from the school of hard knocks (or an actual automotive technician program), and the superhuman ability to hold your bladder for hours on end because, let’s face it, who has time for breaks?

Team Leader

Stepping up to the plate as a Team Leader means you’re not only excellent at fixing cars but also at fixing people problems. You’ll need experience in automotive repair, leadership skills, and the patience of a saint. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves herding cats (also known as managing your team) and making sure deadlines are met faster than a speeding ticket.

Reception Supervisor

The Reception Supervisor is the face of the business, greeting customers with a smile that’s brighter than high beam headlights. You’ll need excellent communication skills, a knack for organization, and the ability to keep your cool when faced with a queue of customers longer than the last oil change you waited for. Bonus points if you can multitask like an octopus playing the drums.


In today’s digital age, a Videographer is essential to make those shiny cars look even shinier online. Qualifications include a good eye for framing the perfect shot, proficiency with video editing software, and the patience to explain to your less tech-savvy colleagues what a ‘vlog’ is. And remember, a steady hand is a must – no one wants to get seasick watching your latest car demo reel!

Account Executive

As an Account Executive, you’re the bridge between the garage and the glamorous world of clients. You’ll need sales experience, a thick skin (because rejection happens), and the ability to talk car jargon and financial figures in the same breath. Think of yourself as a matchmaker, but instead of finding true love, you’re finding someone their true car.

Spare Parts Advisor

This role is for the true car nerds who can distinguish between a carburetor and a crankshaft with their eyes closed. Qualifications include an encyclopedic knowledge of car parts, inventory management skills, and the patience to explain to customers why they can’t just “replace the thingy that makes the car go.”

Detail Polisher

Shine bright like a diamond! A Detail Polisher makes cars look so good, you’ll want to eat your dinner off them (but please, don’t). You’ll need an eye for detail, stamina, and the willingness to spend hours making a car look like it just rolled off the showroom floor. And yes, you’ll get to use that fancy wax you’ve been eyeing.

Wheel Alignment Technician

If you’ve ever felt the thrill of driving a car that steers straight as an arrow, thank a Wheel Alignment Technician. Qualifications include mechanical aptitude, precision, and the ability to not get dizzy while spinning wheels all day. It’s like being a DJ, but for cars.

Denter & Car Painter

For the artistically inclined, this role combines creativity with craftsmanship. You’ll need steady hands, an eye for color matching, and the patience to deal with customers who think their car should be a unique shade of purple. Remember, every dent you fix and every coat of paint you apply erases a sad car tear.

EV Technician

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future, and as an EV Technician, you’re basically a car wizard from the future. Qualifications include a strong understanding of electric systems, the ability to troubleshoot high-tech problems, and the foresight to not shock yourself. It’s like being a superhero, but your power is making EVs run smoothly.

Diagnostic Technician

Think of yourself as a car detective, where every malfunction is a mystery to be solved. You’ll need in-depth knowledge of automotive systems, problem-solving skills, and a Sherlock Holmes hat (optional but highly recommended). The thrill of the chase is finding out why that “check engine” light is on, again.


Last but not least, for those who appreciate the finer details, tinting and paint protection technicians add that final touch that makes cars look sleek and mysterious. You’ll need a steady hand, attention to detail, and the patience to explain why bubble-free application is more art than science.

Required Documents

Make sure your paperwork is as polished as a new car. CV? Check. References? Check. A cover letter that showcases your sparkle? Double-check!

How to Apply

Gear up and go! If your engine roars at the thought of joining a top-tier team, then mark your calendar. No need for formal applications, just show up with your documents, a winning smile, and maybe a fun fact about cars.


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Royal Swiss Auto Services isn’t just another workplace; it’s a hub where passion meets profession. With state-of-the-art facilities and a team that’s more family than colleagues, you’re looking at a career highway with scenic views and thrilling opportunities.


The Royal Swiss Auto Services Walk in Interview event is more than just a job fair; it’s a golden opportunity to steer your career towards your dreams. With a range of positions open and the promise of being part of a leading team in Saudi Arabia, this is your chance to turbo-charge your professional journey. Remember, every great career, like every great car, starts with a single ignition. So, are you ready to turn the key? 🗝️🚗

Remember, folks, in the race for success,


Q: What if I can’t make it to the Walk in Interview?
A: Don’t let your dreams deflate! Reach out to Royal Swiss Auto Services directly; they’re always on the lookout for exceptional talent.

Q: Do I need experience in the automotive field?
A: While experience revs up your chances, beginners with drive are also welcome. Show them your passion, and they might just show you the ropes!

Q: What should I wear?
A: Think “professional with a twist.” A nice outfit that says, “I mean business,” but don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.

Q: Can I apply for multiple positions?
A: Absolutely! If you’ve got the skills and the zeal, why limit yourself? Just make sure to mention it during your interview.

Q: How do I prepare for the interview?
A: Research, rehearse, and relax. Know your stuff, practice your answers, and then take a deep breath. Remember, it’s about showcasing your true self.

Q: What’s the culture like at Royal Swiss Auto Services?
A: Imagine a place where creativity, innovation, and camaraderie fuel every project. That’s Royal Swiss Auto for you!

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