MAB Facilities Management Jobs in Dubai – Urgent Recruitment for 2024

It is really a tough journey in terms of finding a job that exactly satisfies both your skill and aspirations. But when it happens to be MAB Facilities Management Jobs in Dubai, the fact seems promising to many job seekers. This article intends to guide you for the opportunity of a lifetime that MAB Facilities Management LLC, Dubai, is offering. Whether you are looking for Dubai jobs or specifically a Dubai vacancy, this piece entails all that is required to know in order to make your job application stand out.

MAB Facilities Management Jobs in Dubai

Introduction to MAB Facilities Management LLC Dubai MAB Facilities Management LLC Dubai guarantees comprehensive services that augment operational efficiency for businesses in the region. MAB has certainly established itself in the domain of jobs in Dubai with a specialized focus on customer satisfaction and sustainability.

MAB Facilities Management is advertising for the latest job vacancies. This is an opportunity in a million for job seekers not to be left out.
Our ultimate aim here is to give insight directly about the qualifications for these urgent job vacancies available at MAB, the application procedure, and why working for MAB should be an opportunity you should not afford to miss.

Current Job Vacancies

Here are some of the current open positions at MAB Facilities Management: they have been advised to cater to the skill set and experience of all their audiences. The details of this job are described below for the notable position of “Custodial Site Senior Supervisor.” This job entails:

  • -Report to Custodial Site Senior Supervisor
  • -Ensure staff adherence to policies
  • -Conduct site visits and provide feedback
  • -Supervise custodial tasks and equipment maintenance
  • -Support HSE safety policies and energy conservation
  • -Maintain records and submit reports

Basic Qualifications

For most positions, including the Custodial Site Senior Supervisor, the basic qualifications include:

A high school diploma or equivalent; higher education is a plus.
Experience in facilities management or a related field.
Strong leadership and communication skills.
Familiarity with health and safety regulations.
Ability to work flexibly and manage a team effectively.

Requirement Documents

When applying for a job at MAB Facilities Management, ensure you have the following documents ready:

An updated CV or resume.
Educational certificates.
Work experience references. Any relevant certifications (especially for HSE roles).

Staff Benefits

As a member of the MAB Facilities Management team, you are exposed to a wide array of benefits, all geared to make your work environment more rewarding. Some of the benefits include:

Competitive salary packages.

Health insurance.

Opportunities for professional development.

Supportive work culture focused on safety and excellence. Flexible working hours for certain roles.

How to Apply

Interested applicants for MAB Facilities Management Jobs are to forward their CV to the company email: Kindly ensure that the application is attached, only those relevant to the applied position. About MAB Facilities Management MAB Facilities Management has diversified, leading into major facilities management in Dubai. With established and experienced, strong customer focus, MAB has delivered high-value services to the operations of their customers through innovation. Dedication to excellence and commitment to sustainability help them become an employer of choice for those who have a passion for facilities management. In conclusion, MAB Facilities Management Careers offer a wide range of opportunities for job seekers in Dubai. From urgent job vacancies in Dubai to more specific and specialized roles, everyone has something at MAB. Should you pursue such an opening, then by following the application process as mentioned above and with your documents ready, you would be in a position to take your first step into a rewarding career with MAB Facilities Management. Be part of a dynamic and growing team in a city considered to be one of the most vibrant in the world.


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