Gems Education Careers: Explore Job Vacancies in Dubai’s Premier Schools – Nov 2023

Gems Education Careers in Dubai : Dubai Gems Education, one of the leading educational institutions in Dubai, has recently made an exciting announcement for job seekers. With their commitment to providing a world-class education and nurturing young minds, Gems Education is offering several enticing career opportunities for professionals looking to make a difference in the field of education.

As we step into 2023, Gems Education aims to expand its network of exceptional educators and administrators who can contribute towards shaping the future generation. The latest job vacancies provide a chance for individuals with diverse skill sets and expertise to join this renowned institution.

Whether you are an experienced teacher aiming to bring innovation into your classroom or an aspiring leader ready to take on new challenges, Gems Education offers various positions that cater to different interests and qualifications. From early years specialists to subject experts in mathematics or sciences, there is something for everyone at Gems.

  • Company Name : Gems Education
  • Job Location : Dubai
  • Application Mod : Online
  • Recruitment Type : Direct
  • Qualification : Highs School- Equivalent- Plus two – Degree DIploma
  • Nationality : Any

Available Openings at Gems Education Careers in Dubai

Teaching Assistant – Immediate Start

Islamic B Teacher

Admin – Business Development

Receptionist – Immediate Start – November 2023

ICT/Computer Science Teacher – January 2024

Assistant Teacher

Teacher of Performing Arts – September 2024

Primary Teacher (KS2) – January 2024

Learning Support Assistant

ICT Teacher

Maths Teacher – January 2024

Maths Teacher – January 2024

Business & Economics Teacher – January 2024

Primary Maths Teacher


Required Qualification

When it comes to pursuing a career in the field of education, especially with an esteemed institution like Gems Education in Dubai, there are certain qualifications that are highly sought after. In order to excel and make a difference in the lives of students, individuals must possess a unique blend of skills and knowledge.

First and foremost, a strong educational background is essential. Prospective candidates should hold at least a bachelor’s degree in their respective subject areas or related fields. However, Gems Education values diversity and encourages applicants from various academic backgrounds as long as they demonstrate passion for teaching and learning.

In addition to academic qualifications, experience plays a crucial role. While fresh graduates with exceptional potential are encouraged to apply for entry-level positions, experienced educators who have honed their craft over time bring valuable insights and expertise to the table. Previous teaching experience can range from working with young children all the way up to higher education levels.

Furthermore, possessing effective communication skills is vital for any educator within the Gems Education community. The ability to engage students through clear explanations, active listening, empathy, and adaptability fosters an environment conducive to holistic growth.

Lastly but equally important is fostering cultural sensitivity within classrooms enriched by diversity at Gems Education institutions across Dubai. Being able to embrace different perspectives while promoting inclusivity creates an atmosphere where every student feels valued regardless of their background or abilities.

Benefits you may receive

Gems Education offers a number of benefits to employees in Dubai. These include:

-A competitive salary and benefits package

-Tax-free earnings

-A comprehensive health insurance plan

-Generous annual leave entitlement

-Free or subsidised child care at Gems schools

-Opportunities for career progression and professional development

Required Documents

If you’re looking to start a career in education with Gems Education in Dubai, there are a few required documents that you will need to submit along with your application. These include:

-A completed application form
-A current CV or resume
-A cover letter
-Copies of all relevant educational qualifications and teaching licenses/certifications
-At least three references (professional or academic)

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How to Apply

To apply for a role within Gems Education, interested candidates can simply visit their official website. The online application process ensures convenience and efficiency for applicants from all corners of the globe. As you navigate through their user-friendly interface, you’ll discover a plethora of opportunities awaiting passionate educators like yourself.

Once on the website, take some time to explore the diverse range of positions available at Gems Education. Whether it’s teaching positions or administrative roles that pique your interest, there’s something for everyone. Carefully read through each job description and requirements to identify which vacancy aligns best with your skills and aspirations.

Ensure that your resume is up-to-date before proceeding with filling out the online application form. It’s essential to highlight any relevant experience or qualifications that make you stand out as an exceptional candidate.

Remember, applying through their official website not only demonstrates professionalism but also gives you access to exclusive updates about upcoming vacancies and recruitment events.

Discover how Gems Education can propel your professional journey by visiting their official website today!


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