Emirates Job Vacancies Dubai | Dubai Emirates Airline Company Announces Latest Opportunities 2023

Emirates Job Vacancies Dubai: Dubai, the crown jewel of the Middle East, not only offers unrivaled luxury and cultural experiences but also houses one of the world’s most prestigious airline companies, Emirates. With growth and success comes the need for skilled and dedicated professionals. Let’s delve into the latest Emirates job vacancies in Dubai and find the perfect role for you.

  • Company Name : Emirates
  • Job Location  : Dubai
  • Application Mod : Online
  • Recruitment Type : Direct
  • Nationality : Any

Available Positions at Emirates Job Vacancies Dubai 

Sales Executive

In the bustling metropolis of Dubai, the role of a Sales Executive in the airline industry cannot be understated. From building long-term customer relationships to ensuring that ticket sales quotas are met, Sales Executives play a vital part in maintaining the company’s stellar reputation.

Procurement & Logistic Manager

Ensuring smooth operations for a global airline requires meticulous planning. As a Procurement & Logistic Manager, you’ll be at the forefront, managing the acquisition of essential goods and services and ensuring timely delivery.

E-commerce Distribution Controller

With the rise of digitalization, E-commerce Distribution Controllers play a pivotal role. They ensure that the airline’s online platforms run seamlessly, offering customers a smooth booking experience from start to finish.

Principal & Business Support Group Controller

From administrative tasks to leading important projects, this role offers a varied set of responsibilities. Dive into an engaging work environment where every day poses a new challenge.

Data Analytics Specialist – Ek Skycargo

Analyzing and interpreting vast amounts of data, Data Analytics Specialists ensure that Emirates Skycargo operations remain optimal, efficient, and customer-centric.

Senior Vice President Engineering – Support Services & Vice President – Engineering Projects

Climb the corporate ladder with these top-tier roles. Lead teams, manage vast engineering projects, and contribute directly to the company’s direction and strategy.

Contract Manager

The role involves the negotiation and oversight of contracts that Emirates engages in, ensuring all terms are favorable and uphold the company’s high standards.

Policy Manager – Human Resources

Shape the future of the company’s HR policies. From recruitment strategies to employee welfare, this role touches every facet of human resources.

Senior Dentist

Yes, even a world-renowned airline requires healthcare professionals. Cater to the dental needs of the staff, ensuring their smiles remain bright and healthy.


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Emirates Job Vacancies Dubai Dubai Emirates Airline Company Announces Latest Opportunities


Required Qualification

While each role will have its unique set of qualifications, some general requirements include a relevant degree, prior experience in the airline or related industries, and proficiency in English. Specific qualifications will be detailed during the recruitment process.

Staff Benefits

Working with Emirates is not just about the paycheck. Employees enjoy a range of benefits from housing and travel allowances to world-class healthcare and education support for their families. Plus, the opportunity to be a part of a multicultural workforce in the vibrant city of Dubai is in itself a unique perk.

Required Documents

To apply for any role, you’ll need to present:

A valid passport and visa (for non-UAE residents).

Updated CV detailing work experience.

Relevant educational and professional certifications.

References from previous employers, if applicable.

How to Apply

Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Interested candidates can dive right in and apply through the official website of the company. Don’t miss out on these golden opportunities. Apply now on Emirates Group Careers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to apply for jobs at Emirates in Dubai?

  • No, Emirates does not charge any fee for job applications.

How often are job listings updated?

  • The job listings are updated regularly as new positions become available.

Can non-UAE residents apply for these roles?

  • Absolutely. Emirates welcomes applications from talented individuals worldwide.

What’s the recruitment process like at Emirates?

  • Typically, it involves an initial screening, interview rounds, and then a final offer, subject to background checks.

Are there any age restrictions for applying?

  • While there’s no strict age limit, certain roles might have specific requirements. Always check the job description.

How competitive is the selection process?

  • Given Emirates’ reputation, the selection process can be competitive. It’s essential to be well-prepared and showcase your best skills.


Emirates Job Vacancies in Dubai offer more than just employment. They provide a chance to be part of an ever-evolving industry, in a city that’s a melting pot of cultures and opportunities. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a seasoned professional, Emirates opens its doors to talent from across the globe. Are you ready to soar?

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